Pantographic arm


Ensures more mobility for you

Digital timer

Reduction in exposure time

Rated voltage

70kVp and tube current of 7.0 mA.
X-Ray Spectro 70X – Pantographic

Light and easy to move, it ensures clearer and quality radiographs.

X-Ray SPECTRO 70X - Pantographic Wall

This equipment is intended for intra-oral radiography of the patient’s dentition for diagnostic purposes. It is an X-ray unit for dental use, with a rated voltage of 70kVp and a tube current of 7.0 mA.

Features - Spectro 70x

  • Equipped with a digital centesimal timer, specially developed for use with digital radiographic sensors, it provides a reduction in the time of exposure to radiation and is also indicated for conventional films.
  • Composed of a pantographic type arm (when a pantographic model), which allows greater reach and use in the most varied positions.
  • Tube (ampule), with focal spot of 0.7 x 0.7mm, filtration with aluminum equivalence of 3.22 mm, cylindrical guide made of radiopaque polymer to avoid secondary radiation, winding totally immersed in special oil.
  • Manual trigger at a distance of 5m. duly tested by the competent body, respecting the current radiological protection norms and elaborated by the National Nuclear Energy Commission – CNEN.
  • The test method for measuring the parameters of average peak voltage in the x-ray tube (kVp), average current in the x-ray tube (mA), time of application of load on the x-ray tube (s) and current X time product in the x-ray tube (mAs), adopted is as follows:
  • The Dynalyzer III digital display equipment, connected to a high voltage unit, is used for measurements. This unit consists of a 1:20,000 resistive voltage divider.


Anvisa: 10069210087

The assembly of the equipment must be paid for by the purchaser (customer) and carried out by an accredited technician. The packaging must remain closed until the technician arrives, if it is violated, the product warranty will be canceled.

  • Target angle
  • Equipment Classification according to ANVISA
    Class III
  • Cylindrical Collimator
    Fully shielded
  • Reference Axis
    16° in relation to the anode
  • Fuses
    20 mm glass
  • Degree of Security Application in Presence
    Equipment not suitable for a flammable anesthetic mixture with air, oxygen or nitrous oxide
  • Target material
  • Operation mode
    Continuous operation with intermittent load | T. ON: 3.2 seconds | T. OFF: X 30 seconds
  • Number of phases
    Single-phase / Bi-phase
  • Focal Spot
    0.7 x 0.7mm positioned in relation to the RX tube reference axis according to IEC336/1982
  • Power
    1330 VA
  • Standby power
  • Electric shock protection
    Class I Equipment - Type B Applied Part
  • Protection against harmful penetration of water / particulate matter
  • Generator type
    Immersed in oil
  • Supply voltage

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Product: X-Ray Spectro 70X - Pantographic