New IDA – Size 2

The New IDA is a device that replaces radiographic films and generates instant, sharper, high-definition images.

New IDA was developed to provide more comfort to the patient, confidence in their procedures and perfect diagnoses.

Features - New IDA

Size 2 – 26×36 mm (active area)

  • Technology has brought great changes. Cameras, phones, computers have evolved to make our lives more practical. And in Dentistry it was no different, the principle is the same but the way we do radiographic exams has changed. The Digital Sensor is the result of this evolution and now completes the Eagle product family.
  • New IDA brings your clinic into the future, both generating fully digital images and bringing greater speed in service, since there is no need to interrupt treatment for the development of radiographs. Another relevant fact is the real savings compared to the clinical time of the professional in the development of radiographs, in addition to investments in films, and developing chemicals and fixatives.
  • As it does not need chemicals, the New IDA does not generate waste for the environment. The images are saved on your computer and protected against the influence of time, in addition to eliminating physical filing.
  • New IDA size 2 allows the capture of complete images of up to three elements considering crown and root. Its capture area is 60% larger than size 1 sensors with standard radiographic size similar to adult analog film. For greater comfort to patients, the New IDA size 2 also has beveled corners, causing less discomfort and allowing radiographs with better framing.
  • When purchasing the New IDA, you receive a complete and easy-to-use software for customer registration; filing and editing of images, which also enables the easy traffic of information between professionals and between dental operators. There are many tools for a more accurate diagnosis, especially the new filter functions for high relief and images with color contrast.
  • New IDA size 2 has the calibration built into the sensor itself, which allows for easier installations and reinstallations, as this calibration allows the sensor to automatically calibrate itself in the most diverse operating systems.
  • Calibration file is recorded in the sensor’s memory – it facilitates installation on several machines and in case the pendrive is lost, it is not necessary to reinstall.
  • NOTE: Positioner kit not included.

Benefits for the dentist

  • Time saving
  • Replaces radiographic films
  • Eliminates developer, fixer, film and chemical disposal fees
  • Ecologically correct
  • Ensures more accurate measurements and diagnoses, due to the sharpness of the generated images
  • It is possible to use it on several computers in the clinic, save and access the images anywhere
  • Provides tools to report and organize all captured images
  • Ensures agility and organization

Benefits for the patient

  • Diagnostics with a great wealth of details
  • With accurate images, eliminates the need to repeat the procedure


New IDA is an Alliage model of the Intraoral Dental Digital Imaging Sensor according to Anvisa registration 10101139025

Below are some features of the New IDA:

  • Size 2 sensor (active area – 26 x 36.5 mm)
  • Sensor with internal silicone finish; beveled edges for patient comfort
  • Three meter long cable
  • Easy replacement cable
  • Capture high definition images in real time. With 25 line pairs (theoretical) and advanced image processing capabilities, you have clear images for the best diagnosis.
  • Enroll your patients, capture images instantly, report and organize all images in seconds.
  • Wide range of editing tools such as: rotating, zooming, adjusting brightness, contrast and gamma, positive/negative, adjusting color, auto-relief, inserting text, arrows, circles, selecting and cropping areas, measuring angles and segments, report/diagnosis bar, odontogram and full screen image comparison.
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Import images from other exams (panoramic) and photos of your patients
  • Export in DICOM system
  • Easy sending of images via email
  • Monitor calibration test for better viewing of images
  • Plug and play: easy installation software
  • CMOS type sensor
  • Number of Pixels: 1000 x 1500
  • Gray level: 12 bits
  • Resolution: 25 line pairs per millimeter


  • Compatible with
    Windows 10 Pro x64
  • Cable length
    3 meters*

    *+ or - 0,5m
  • Connection
    2x USB 2.0
  • Input
    2 free USB 2.0 ports
  • HD
    500GB ou higher
  • RAM memory
  • Screen
    1920 x 1080 - Full HD
  • Processor
    Intel Core i5 3.0 GHz ou higher
  • Resolution
    25 line pairs per millimeter
  • Product Size (L x L x H)
    Size 1: Active area - 20x30mm
    Size 2: Active area - 26x36mm
  • Sensor type

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Product: New IDA - Size 2