Fast and Simple to Use


Tip with 360º rotation

Super light

150g smaller and lighter

59 seconds

For a full arc scan


No need for recalibrations
Eagle IOS – Intraoral Scanner

Compact and ergonomic, intuitive software that helps the user to obtain perfect results and a totally open and integrated system, designed to take your work to the digital world.

Eagle IOS - Intraoral Scanner

Franco-American project with manufacturing and after sales in Brazil by Dabi Atlante.

Dabi Atlante, in partnership with the technology company Digital Franco-Americana 3Disc, will manufacture the Eagle IOS Intraoral Scanner at its factory in the city of Ribeirão Preto, SP and sell it throughout Latin America and many other countries around the world. Eagle IOS is a portable intraoral scanner, extremely ergonomic and offering a very friendly interface, simplifying its use. With it, it is possible to perform accurate and agile scans for the manufacture of orthodontic aligners, , all kinds of prosthetic devices over teeth and implants, mobile prostheses, myorelaxing plates and many other works.


User-friendly and intuitive software. Using the Less Click as Possible concept, it brings agility and simplicity to the digital flow of your clinic.

Using Eagle IOS software, your team can easily navigate the intuitive and user-friendly interface to meet all of your prosthetic, orthodontic and implant restoration needs. Whether creating, digitizing or integrating cases, Eagle IOS features simple workflows and a cloud sharing platform makes it easy to send work to partner labs.



Artificial Intelligence Algorithms in Recognition of Scanning Interfaces.


Occlusion map

Checks the occlusion points before sending to the lab. Prior support to the dentist on the occlusal distance for preparation.


Three-dimensional model quality

Quality Map allows the user to determine whether enough data has been acquired in the main regions of the scan. In the case of insufficient data, the dentist can rescan areas for which more data is needed.


Weighing only 150g, the Eagle IOS is the most ergonomic and compact scanner on the market, the tips are removable, allows 360º and can be autoclaved up to 250 times, it also has an anti-fog air system, and does not require periodic recalibrations.


Open system, without annual licenses, exports in STL, OBJ and PLY, offering direct integration with DWOS and Exocad. Eagle IOS facilitates clinical/laboratory communication, allowing you to work with all CAD systems available on the market. The total opening of the system, combined with the opportunity to export locally or via the cloud, gives you the option of sending jobs to your associated laboratory for free with a single click.


ANVISA: 10101130093



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Product: Eagle IOS - Intraoral Scanner