Ciclone 1/2 HP Vacuum Pump


Direct discharge into the sewage

High corrosion resistance

Constructed in bronze alloy

Noise reduction

Standard muffler: reduces the noise level generated by the equipment
Ciclone 1/2 HP Vacuum Pump

Ideal for 2 dental chairs

Ciclone 1/2 HP Vacuum Pump

The Dabi Atlante Ciclone Vacuum Pump, 1/2 HP model (for 2 dental chairs) has a high power suction system.

In addition to being compact and easy to clean, it is manufactured with high quality materials that ensure long durability and less maintenance costs. The equipment minimizes the possibility of cross-contamination in the dental unit and guarantees more savings for the dentist.


  • Dabi Atlante’s Ciclone 1/2 HP Vacuum Pump allows the installation of two dental units in simultaneous use:
    • Ensures greater biosecurity during the procedures and infection control, reducing contaminated aerosols
    • Aspirates and drains all residuals from the oral environment directly into the sewage, without physical contact
    • Optimization of working time and greater productivity, because the patient goes to the spittoon less often
    • Improved performance in prophylactic treatments and oral and maxillary surgeries
    • Comfort and convenience for the patient and professional
    • Safety device that turns off the vacuum pump in case of overheating, preventing the equipment from burning
    • Engineered with corrosion-resistant materials, extending component life
    • Mechanical seal: does not allow water leakage and resistant to intensive use
    • Standard muffler: reduces the noise level generated by the equipment
    • Rubber feet: providing less vibration and also contributing to less noise
    • Allows adjustment of suction power as needed (suctor kit BV*)
    • Metal cover for installation*



  • Anvisa Ciclone 1/2 HP Vacuum Pump: unrelated product

The assembly of the equipment must be paid by the buyer (client) and carried out by an accredited technician. The package must remain unopened until the technician arrives. If it is violated, the product’s warranty will be cancelled.

  • Height
    397,6 mm
  • Length
    316 mm
  • Width
    246,4 mm
  • Water consumption
    0,4 l/min
  • Rated power (maximum)
    1220 VA
  • Nominal chain
    110V/50Hz - 9,2 A
    220V/50Hz - 4,6 A
    127V/60Hz - 8,6 A
    220V/60Hz - 3,7 A
  • Frequency
    50/60 Hz
  • Maximum vacuum
    400 mm/Hg
  • Gross weight
    22 Kg
  • Net weight
    20,3 Kg
  • Supply voltage
    110-127 / 220V~ (Bivolt - Selector Switch)

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Product: Ciclone 1/2 HP Vacuum Pump