Dabi Atlante ultrasound

Water tank

built into the device

2 in 1

piezoelectric ultrasound and sodium bicarbonate jet

4 levels of rotation

of the peristaltic pump
Profi Neo

Ultrasound with bicarbonate jet, selector switch and 4 rotation levels

Profi Neo ultrasound

Ultrasound for removing mineralized biofilm or for endodontic treatment, it also has a bicarbonate jet for removing demineralized biofilm. Selector switch for quick adjustment of removal power or endodontic therapy, with 4 levels of peristaltic pump rotation.


  • In addition, the Profi Neo has a water reservoir built into the device and comes with 2 Perio Sub and 1 Perio Supra tips.
  • Combined device of piezoelectric ultrasound and sodium bicarbonate jet for prophylaxis of stone and non-mineralized biofilm.
  • Body with reduced dimensions, light and easy to position for work, made of high impact polystyrene with a thickness of 3 mm, with injected plastic, offers high structural and oxidation resistance; smooth painted metal parts with epoxy-based paint allows easy disinfection, without the products changing the paintwork of the device; internally, the ultrasound generating unit, air filter, double pneumatic valve, sodium bicarbonate reservoir, peristaltic pump, compressed air system are housed and externally, a panel containing: LED indicates that the device is energized; ultrasound selector switch or bicarbonate jet; seven-stage adjustable ultrasound power selector switch allows more or less power, depending on the mass of the stone and its density and offers greater patient comfort during removal and three-level adjustment switch for the volume of the irrigating liquid flow of the peristaltic pump.
  • Electronic circuit with frequency stabilizer does not allow the common oscillations of the electrical network to interfere with the ultrasonic vibration standard of the equipment.
  • Lightweight, anatomically shaped ultrasound handpiece, easy to grip, allows for precision in scraping work and better tactile sensitivity for complete stone removal, as it is not the applied force that will do the removal, but the ultrasonic vibration applied to the tooth.
  • Ceramic piezoelectric transducer with four ceramic inserts mounted intermittently to each other, which work under very high pressure, generating ultrasonic vibrations of 30 kHz ± 5 with the same amplitude and frequency.
  • Two protective covers for the transducer, rigid, removable and sterilizable in an autoclave up to 134º C, which eliminates cross-contamination and does not subject the transducer to autoclaving, preserving its useful life, as it is known that frequent sterilization of the ceramic transducer compromises its performance.
  • Active tip of the instrument with anteroposterior linear movement longitudinal to the handle with variable amplitude, depending on the power, from 0.05mm to 0.1mm; as it does not present movements in other planes, the active tip does not “scratch” and does not “hammer” the surface of the tooth; which provides an efficient scraping, without the surface becoming uneven; offers greater efficacy in the removal of supra and subgingival stone, on the buccal, lingual or palatal surfaces, occlusal fossa and fissures, on the interproximal surfaces.
  • It comes with three tips for removing the stone – 02 Perio Sub and 01 Perio Supra – and two keys for installing the tips containing a resistant rubber ring, with protection extension, to avoid accidents to the CD/Auxiliary when changing, all sterilizable in autoclave.
  • Non-mineralized biofilm removal system selected through the selector switch on the panel and consists of a sodium bicarbonate reservoir, which stores the amount of bicarbonate for prophylaxis; preventing the dust from getting wet, blocking the internal parts of the device, highly resistant, offers cleaning efficiency, and better quality in the active jet; transparent cover allows you to check the amount of powder inside the reservoir and if the whirlpool is being done efficiently; thread locking system in acrylic body.
  • Removable and autoclavable bicarbonate jet handpiece up to 134 ºC.
  • Air filter with drain outlet at the bottom of the device box to drain moisture from the air eliminates possible solid particles trapped in the filter.
  • Pneumatic double valve that works with air and water; opens and closes the water in the handpieces, preventing splashes during stoppages.
  • Single foot pedal for ultrasound and sodium bicarbonate jet; round shape with drive from any angle.
  • Smooth, light and flexible hoses, easy to disinfect and without strain on the operator’s hands.



Anvisa: 10069210086

The assembly of the equipment must be paid for by the purchaser (customer) and carried out by an accredited technician. The packaging must remain closed until the technician arrives, if it is violated, the product warranty will be canceled.

  • Height
    215 mm
  • Length
    250 mm
  • Frequency
    24 a 30 (KHz)
  • Width
    310 mm
  • Power
    36 (W)
  • Supply voltage
    99 a 242 (V)

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Product: Profi Neo