Dabi Atlante ultrasound

Water tank

built into the device

2 in 1

piezoelectric ultrasound and sodium bicarbonate jet

4 levels of rotation

of the peristaltic pump
Profi Class

Complete prophylaxis team, which offers more power and guarantees greater productivity for the routine of the dentist.

Profi Class ultrasound

The bicarbonate jet ultrasound is Dabi’s Profi.  It is a complete prophylaxis equipment, which offers more power and guarantees greater productivity for the surgeon-dentist’s routine. It has precise regulation of power and volume of the irrigating flow and its handpiece is lighter and anatomical, allowing for better tactile sensitivity. The equipment is available in a digital model (display with digital control panel) or analog (function selector buttons).

Features - Profi Class

  • Body with reduced dimensions and light
  • Modern and functional design
  • Options for regulating and selecting the mode, power and volume of the irrigating flow of the peristaltic pump liquid
  • Possibility of programmable memories
  • Frequency stabilizer
  • Lightweight, anatomical handpiece
  • Highly resistant
  • Electronic circuit with frequency stabilizer
  • Peristaltic pump that allows the use of different irrigating liquids, ensuring a better clinical procedure
  • Does not depend on external sources of water supply
  • Two protective transducer covers: rigid, removable and autoclavable up to 121ºC
  • Includes: two Perio Sub units, one Perio Supra unit and two installation keys
  • Sodium bicarbonate reservoir that stores the specific amount for a prophylaxis
  • Transparent lid that allows you to check the amount of dust and swirl
  • Thread locking system in acrylic body
  • Pneumatic double valve that works with air and water
  • Single pedal for triggering ultrasound and bicarbonate jet
  • Available with analog and digital display


Benefits for the dentist

  • Greater productivity with time gain and quality in the work performed
  • Easy positioning and displacement
  • Precision scraping work
  • Greater tactile sensitivity for complete stone removal
  • Mains oscillations do not interfere with the ultrasonic vibration standard
  • No risk of cross contamination
  • Pedal action from any angle
  • Easy disinfection and sanitation
  • No splashing during stoppages
  • Digital model with dental function for using diamond burs

Benefits for the patient

  • Greater comfort during stone removal
  • Active tip does not scratch and hammer the tooth surface



The assembly of the equipment must be paid for by the purchaser (customer) and carried out by an accredited technician. The packaging must remain closed until the technician arrives, if it is violated, the product warranty will be canceled.

  • Height
    215 mm
  • Tip Amplitude
    0,05 a 0,1 mm
  • Internal Composition
    Ultrasound generating unit, air filter, pneumatic double valve, sodium bicarbonate reservoir, peristaltic pump, compressed air system
  • Length
    250 mm
  • Air Consumption
    10 l/min
  • Frequency
    24 a 30 KHz
  • Protection Fuses
    2 A
  • Width
    310 mm
  • Net weight
    2,5 kg
  • Power
    36 W
  • Compressed air primary pressure
    60 a 80 PSI
  • Supply voltage
    99 a 242 V

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Product: Profi Class