Dabi Light Curing

Wireless device

more mobility

high power LED

maximum of 1200 mW/cm2

3 programmable modes

of application
Optilight MAX Light Curing

Wireless, with high power LED and luminous intensity

Fotopolimerizador Optilight MAX

The Dabi Atlante light curing is wireless, with high power LED and luminous intensity. In addition to having 3 programmable application modes, it has an audible signal every 5 seconds and direct operations control on the body of the device. It is anatomical and comfortable to operate, and has a rest base with battery charger, ensuring more practicality for the surgeon-dentist’s day to day.

Features - Optilight max

  • Wireless device
  • Light transmission by 100% coherent fiber optic tip
  • High power and luminous intensity LED – Maximum power of 1200 mW/cm2
  • Control of operations on the body of the device
  • Allows adjustment of photoactivation times
  • 3 programmable application modes
  • Beep every 5 seconds
  • Rechargable battery
  • Intelligent automatic shutdown system
  • Resistant and easy to clean
  • Cradle with battery charger


Benefits for the dentist

  • Handling comfort
  • Freer, more precise and lighter movements
  • There is no loss of quality of light intensity
  • Compact, ergonomic and easy to install and transport device
  • It can be used in several dental procedures, such as: restorative procedures, bracket bonding and activation of light-cured materials such as sealants, lining bases.


Benefits for the patient

  • No risk of tooth heating, pulp damage or patient discomfort
  • Designed and built using the most advanced technology, to provide results within the dental technical specifications


Accessories that come with the product

  • Handpiece
  • Light conductor
  • Eye shield
  • Charging base
  • Power supply


Anvisa: 10069210081

  • Li-ion battery
    DC 3,7 V 2200 mAh
  • Wave-length
    420 nm - 500 nm
  • Light Conductor
    100% coherent optical fiber that ensures the passage of light without loss
  • Handpiece Body
    ABS injected
  • Light source
    1 LED
  • Frequency
    50/60 Hz
  • Degree of protection against harmful water penetration
  • Gross weight
    0,98 kg
  • Net weight
    0,39 kg
  • Power
    Power supply maximum: 6 VA
  • Power of Light
    1200 mW/cm2
  • Program
    Continuous, ramp and pulsed
  • Time sounder
    Time sounder
  • Approximate battery charging time
    3 hours
  • Supply voltage
    Ve: 100 - 240 V~ - 50/60 Hz Vs: 5 V- 1,5 A
  • Timer
    5, 10, 15 and 20 seconds
  • Validity
  • Actuation
    Via the handpiece button

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Product: Optilight MAX Light Curing