Precise, Anatomical and Lightweight


bold with rounded lines

Easy coupling

Rotating INTRA system


Net weight less than 50.0 grams
Straight Piece

Anatomically shaped and lightweight, with the precision and performance that are ideal for the dentist’s routine.

Straight Piece

The Dabi Atlante micromotor has high torque and low noise emission. In addition to having clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, it has non-slip grooves and an ergonomic body for easy use by the surgeon-dentist.

The straight piece by Dabi Atlante has an anatomical and lightweight shape, with the ideal precision and performance for the surgeon-dentist’s routine. It is made of resistant and long-lasting material, ensuring more comfort and ergonomics during handling. Fixing the drill bits is simpler and safer, using a swivel ring.




Straight Piece

  • Bold design with rounded lines;
  • Made of aluminum, with satin chrome treatment;
  • Autoclavable up to 135ºC.

Easy Coupling

  • Rotating INTRA system

Simple External Spray

  • A silicone hose external to the handpiece is used for the passage of water from the body of the micromotor to the end of the tip used.
  • Directed towards the tip of the drill.


  • 1:1 transmission

Ideal Weight

  • Net weight less than 50.0 grams

Low Work Noise

Fixation of Drills

  • Drills fixed by turning the ring, with extreme simplicity and speed.
  • Superior tensile strength that ensures bit lockdown.
  • Uses standard drill bits, rod type 2.

Ergonomic Shape

  • Compact, has non-slip grooves



Straight Piece – Anvisa 10069210073

  • Sterilization
    Autoclavable up to 135ºC
  • Net weight
    Less than 50g
  • Docking system
    Intra rotary
  • Drill type
    FG Standard
  • Transmission

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Product: Straight Piece