Precise, Anatomical and Lightweight


Rotating INTRA system


1:1 transmission

Push Button

Easy drill removal system
PB Contra-Angle

Because it is light and precise and has the perfect sensitivity for dental procedures.

PB Contra-Angle

The Dabi Atlante contra-angle is light and has the perfect sensitivity for dental procedures. With non-slip grooves, anatomical shape and easy handling, it guarantees more precise movements for the surgeon-dentist and produces little noise at work.



Contra-Angle Body

  • Bold design with rounded lines;
  • Made of Aluminum with anodized treatment;
  • Autoclavable up to 135C.

Easy Coupling

  • Rotating INTRA system

Simple External Spray

  • A silicone hose external to the handpiece is used for the passage of water from the body of the micromotor to the end of the tip used.
  • Directed towards the tip of the drill.


  • 1:1 transmission

Ideal Weight

  • Net weight less than 49.0 grams

Low Work Noise

Ergonomic Shape

  • Compact, has non-slip grooves;
    Small head with handpiece angle within the strictest international standards.

Shafts mounted with 6 bearings.

  • Push Button – Resistant to traction that ensures the bit locks.
  • Uses Standard drill bits, rod type 1.


Anvisa 10069210073

  • Sterilization
    Autoclavable up to 135ºC
  • Net weight
    Less than 49g
  • Docking system
    Intra rotary
  • Drill type
    Push Button
  • Transmission

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Product: PB Contra-Angle