Powerful, Anatomical and Lightweight


Through the INTRA system

High torque

Low Work Noise


From 5,000 RPM/min to 20,000 RPM/min
Micromotor – With Spray

High torque and low noise emission.

Micromotor - With Spray

The Dabi Atlante micromotor has high torque and low noise emission. In addition to having clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, it has non-slip grooves and an ergonomic body for easy use by the surgeon-dentist.




  • Bold design with rounded lines;
  • Made of Aluminum with anodized treatment;
  • Autoclavable up to 135C;
  • Non-slip grooves and direction indication on the rotation adjustment ring.

Simple External Spray

  • A standard external cooling system, which reduces the possibility of clogging, allows the replacement of the water passage hose, avoiding cross-contamination, and cools the cutting region of the drill in any working position, avoiding overheating.
  • Borden Connection


  • From 5,000 RPM/min to 20,000 RPM/min
    It has rotation/inversion adjustment in the micromotor body

Working Air Pressure

  • 40 pounds (psi)


  • Through the INTRA system

Ideal Weight

  • Net weight less than 80 grams

High Torque

  • Low Work Noise
  • Exclusive Electrochemical Treatment
  • Surface layer hardening treatment system that ensures thread durability.

Comes with adapter for easy lubrication.

* Also available with Borden/Midwest Connection.


Micromotor – Anvisa 10069210073

  • Coupling
    Via the INTRA system for straight or contra-angle workpieces
  • Air Consumption
    4 l/min
  • Sterilization
    Autoclavable up to 135ºC
  • Net weight
    Less than 80 grams
  • Work pressure
    Maximum 275.79 kpa = 40 psi = 2.75 bar
  • Rotation
    From 5,000 to 20,000 rpm/min
  • Plug-in terminal
    Borden type (02 holes) Midwest type (04 holes)

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Product: Micromotor - With Spray