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Dental Unit

With a fully anatomical design
and conceived to provide more productivity to dental surgeon. The New Versa
comes with exclusive equipment allowing connecting up to 5 work terminals, in
addition to the three-way syringe as serial item.

The equipment is also provided with a
support tray that may be used for placing instruments and other dentistry
materials related to each field of expertise. The iPad function, when
available, provides more usability to the professional, increasing the New
Versa experience even more.

Have more technology in your day to day.
This changes everything!


· Counter-angle of anatomic shape with intra type system as per Standard ISO 3964; adaptable to micromotor; torque and rotation transferred to drill through a set of shafts and gears with 1:1 transmission ratio, designed to operate in low speed, especially for polishing, prophylaxis, preparation of tubing, pins and crowns.

· Angle of 20o between shaft and head neck; the two angle shafts are supported on brass sliding bearings, and the coupling of these shafts is made by a pair of gears.

· Main supporting shafts of drills supported on ball bearings with steel separators, better withstanding the corrosive materials entering inside the head and receiving movement from angle shafts through a pair of gears at 90º.

· Latch Type (LT) mechanical chuck; drill lock through hardened steel blade laterally displaceable at angle, with fitting to adapt to normal counter-angle drill channel with upper fitting and locking duct.

· Compact dimensions with easy access to all quadrants of oral cavity, even in pediatric dentistry.

· Aluminum and brass body, 360º free turn over the micromotor.

· Sterilization by autoclave up to 135º C and 2.2 bar does not damage the piece due to the quality of the materials employed in manufacturing, such as stainless steel, anodized aluminum, bronze bearings, main shaft and gears with surface chemical nickel plating.

Transmission: 1: 1
Maximum rotation: 20,000 rpm
Locking system: Intractable
Drill Type: FG Standard
 Sterilization: Autoclavable up to 135ºC
Net weight less than 45g