Intraoral camera

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• Allows installation on Television set / Monitor with video / VGA Monitor input;

• Freezing of images performed through key available on the handpiece; allows the
operator greater freedom in usage;

• Installation on Computer through USB device; allows storage and management of
images through specifi c software;

• Image selection made through Remote Control; allows selection one by one, or four
simultaneous images directly on the television set or monitor;

• Lighting system through white LEDs with cold light, providing an image with a maximum
degree of reality;

• Built in protective lens, protects the optic components against small accidents, scratches
and dust;

• Handpiece with anatomical format; allows capturing images with quality of the mouth
and allows the use of devices for prevention of cross contamination;

• Comes together with handpiece holder with automatic electromagnetic switch; allows
positioning in the most diverse locations, such as: LCD Monitors, sides of delivery unit, water
unit, cabinets, etc. Provides practicality, time and electrical power savings, turning on/off
automatically upon being removed / placed in a different position in the holder.

• Light table module, compact and functional with interfaces for diverse applications;
allows connections in VGA monitors, TV and Computer.

• Remote control with programming and image selection functions; allows greater mobility
in control and storage of captured images;

• Handpiece communication cable in highly fl exible material; allows fl exibility and does
not have the fragility found in fi ber optic cables;

• On/off switch placed on the handpiece, providing ease in activation;

• Switching power supply; allows use of the equipment at any supply voltage from 100V
to 240V – 50/60Hz.
- Classification of Equipment:
According to the norm NBR IEC 60601-1

- Electric shock protection type:
Class II Equipment

- Degree of protection against electric shock:
B type

- Protection against harmful water penetration:

- Mode of Operation:

- Model:
In Cam LX Camera

- Capture element:
1/4” Color CCD

- Gain control:

- Power:
14VA (100V~) / 17VA (240V~)

- Video output:
1.0Vp-p Composite/75ohm

- Resolution:
480 TV Line

- Electronic shutter:
Automatic,1/60(1/50)~ 1/100,000seg

- Power supply:
Ve - 100-240V~ - 50/60 Hz
Vs - 5V~/2A

- Focal Distance:
2mm - 40mm

- Freezing:
On the handpiece button. 60 blown-up frozen images total or on the “Grids” mode, 240

- Input/Output:
Digital 16bits

- Signal:

- Power supply of the module:

- Digital resolution:
8 Bit 256 Grad, 512x1024 pixels

- Lighting:
6 LEDs

- Handpiece weight:

- Net weight:
900 g

- Gross weight:
1.030 Kg