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Counter-Angle - Internal irrigation
Since its creation, the technology of Dabi Atlante Handpieces is improving and reach its 6th generation. Exclusively, we present now the Cobra Line also for Low Speed Handpieces.

 Internal Double Spray
Carefully designed to cool the cutting area of the drill in any work position, avoiding overheating of handpieces and reducing the possibility of stopping the spray in result of clogging in holes. Double Spray is distributed symmetrically toward the drill tip, ensuring optimal cooling temperature.

Surface Handpiece Treatment
The body of the handpieces Dabi Atlante has high mechanical strength, obtained by applying the exclusive technology, a special chemical treatment that promotes hardening while maintaining a smooth texture.
Maximum of 20,000 RPM 
Transmission 1:1

Ideal Weight
Net weight under 50,0 grams 

Low Work Noise

Drill Fixing – Push Button System
Switch on by pressing a button located on the back of the head of the handpiece (Push Button).
It allows quick change of drills – removers are not necessary.
Resistant to traction, which ensures the locking of the bur.
Uses standard burs, shank type 1.

Ergonomic Format
Compact, it has anti-skid grooves

Easy Coupling
INTRA rotation system.
Small Head.
Small head with angle of the handpiece within the most rigorous international standards

The handpieces Dabi Atlante  are autoclavable up to 135°C to ensure full biosafety for the dentist and patients.
Technical Specifications
Transmission: 1:1
Rotation: Min. 5.000 Max. 20.000 rpm
Coupling: INTRA system
Sterilization: Autoclavable up to 135 º C
Net weight of less 50g

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