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Micromotor COBRA
Since its creation, the technology of Dabi Atlante Handpieces is improving and reach its 6th generation. Exclusively, we present now the Cobra Line also for Low Speed Handpieces.
Internal Spray
Without adaptations, the micromotor Cobra have an internal irrigation system that allows a direct passage of water flow to the Contra-Angle and the Straight piece with power and quality required for the formation of the spray in low rotation.

Surface Handpiece Treatment
The body of the handpieces Dabi Atlante has high mechanical strength, obtained by applying the exclusive technology, a special chemical treatment that promotes hardening while maintaining a smooth texture.

Maximum of 20,000 RPM 
Transmission 1:1

Low Work Noise

Ergonomic Format
Compact, it has anti-skid grooves and indication of the sense of rotation in the regulating ring.

 Easy Coupling
INTRA rotation system.

The handpiecesDabi Atlante are autoclavable up to 135°C to ensure full biosafety for the dentist and patients.
Technical Specifications
Rotation: Min. 5.000 Max. 20.000 rpm
Work air pressure 40 pounds (psi)
Coupling: INTRA system
Sterilization: Autoclavable up to 135 º C 

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