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Handpiece Body 
Daring design with rounded lines
Made in Aluminum and also avaliable in the colors blue and pink
Autoclavable up to 135ºC

Borden/Midwest type connection

Triple Spray
Distributed symmetrically in the direction of the bur tip 

420.000 RPM 

Working Air Pressure
Between 32 and 35 pounds (psi) 

Ideal Weight
Net weight under 32.0 grams 

Low Working Noise

Fastening of the Burs
Activation by means of a button located on the back part of the head of the handpiece (Push Button). I t is resistant to traction, which ensures the locking of the bur. 

Push Button System
Quick change of the burs – are not necessary bur removers. 

High Torque

Ergonomic Format
Handpiece with a fine thickness
Has anti-skid grooves
Sloping end

Electrochemical Treatment
Treatment system of hardening the surface layer which ensures the durability of the thread. 

*A bur does not come with it

Minimum pressure: Mínima 220 kpa = 2,2 bar = 32 psi Máxima 241 kpa = 2,4 bar = 35 psi Consumo de ar: 32 l/min

Min Rotation: 280.000 rpm. Máxima: 420.000 rpm •

Plug In Terminal: Tipo Borden 02 furos. Tipo Midwest 04 furos

Drill Type: FG Standard

Sterilization: Autoclavável até 135ºC

Anvisa: 10069210065

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