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SILENT HANDPIECES KIT __________________________________________________________________________________

composed by:


· High-speed pen with two-hole Borden coupling as per Standard ISO 9168; natural anodized aluminum body with round gripping grooves.

· Balanced turbine enables speed of 400.000 rpm ± 15% with high axial and radial torque and efficient drill concentricity; mounted on synthetic rubber rings; silent due to the absence of turbine vibration with the body; speed control through foot pedal control.

·  Ceramic ball bearings, the latest technology available in high performance bearings, with high durability and increased efficiency in lubrications.

· Head smaller than conventional systems provides easy access to the most difficult tooth faces.

· Weight of 38g reduces the operator effort; triple spray facilitates directing the cooling liquid to the drill.

· Push-button (PB) system; with a simple pression with thumb tip on head lid opens the chuck, which is spring-activated for operating the removal or insertion of drills, with mechanical pressure on the internal head set, eliminating inconveniences of drill extractor and the possibility of cross-contamination.

· Drill length adjustment defined by DS; when fitting it with fingers to the chuck, it avoids break and damage of bits, mainly those diamond, long and thin bits.

· Due to no use of drill extractor, which is difficult to disinfect, it provides longer service life to the turbine/bearing set, because of the less effort applied.

· 42.0 l/min ± 2 air consumption and 30 psi ± 2 pressure rating.

· Includes coupling seal rubber and needle for unblocking the spray

· Sterilization by autoclave up to 135º C and 2.2 bar does not damage the piece due to the quality of the materials employed in manufacturing.


·  Micromotor with connection via two-hole Borden type terminal in accordance with Standard ISO 9168.

· Intra-type system as per Standard ISO 3964 with simple and practical locking pin, fast coupling type, for connecting and disconnecting the straight piece and the counter-angle.

· Tip adapter enables free movement of connected accessories at DS hand, facilitates the access to any oral quadrant and avoids tensioning the hose, which may cause possible tendinitis to the practitioner.

· Anodized aluminum body and anatomic design built from miniaturized parts enabling a compact-sized apparatus, providing improved lightness.

· Micromotor rotation regulator ring through rotary system enables speed selection in both directions between 3,000 and 18,000 rpm.

· Rotation inversion to the left at ring allows using wheels.

· Low noise reduces DS fatigue and patient stress.

· Spray cooling system by internal conduction of connection tap coupling to micromotor terminal base.

· 65.0 l/min air consumption and 60 - 80 psi work pressure rating.

· Includes fitting seal rubber.

· Sterilization by autoclave up to 135 ºC and 2.2 bar does not damage the piece due to the quality of materials employed in manufacturing, anodized aluminum body, stainless steel liner and rotor, bronze or brass front disc and rear cover.


· Counter-angle of anatomic shape with intra type system as per Standard ISO 3964; adaptable to micromotor; torque and rotation transferred to drill through a set of shafts and gears with 1:1 transmission ratio, designed to operate in low speed, especially for polishing, prophylaxis, preparation of tubing, pins and crowns.

· Angle of 20o between shaft and head neck; the two angle shafts are supported on brass sliding bearings, and the coupling of these shafts is made by a pair of gears.

· Main supporting shafts of drills supported on ball bearings with steel separators, better withstanding the corrosive materials entering inside the head and receiving movement from angle shafts through a pair of gears at 90º.

· Latch Type (LT) mechanical chuck; drill lock through hardened steel blade laterally displaceable at angle, with fitting to adapt to normal counter-angle drill channel with upper fitting and locking duct.

· Compact dimensions with easy access to all quadrants of oral cavity, even in pediatric dentistry.

· Aluminum and brass body, 360º free turn over the micromotor.

· Sterilization by autoclave up to 135º C and 2.2 bar does not damage the piece due to the quality of the materials employed in manufacturing, such as stainless steel, anodized aluminum, bronze bearings, main shaft and gears with surface chemical nickel plating.

Include lubricating oil.