Counter-Angle ROC 20:1

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Anatomically shaped contra-angle with intra-type system according to ISO 3964; attachable to micromotor; torque and routations transmitted to the drill in an trasnmission ratio of 20: 1.

Angle of 20º between the axis and the neck of the head; The two levels are supported on bronze displacement bearings, and the coupling is made by a pair of gears.

Shaft support main shaft with ball bearings with steel spacers, which better withstand the corrosive materials that penetrate the inside of the head and have movement of the angle shafts by a pair of gears at 90 °.

Mechanical locking type (LT); locking of the drill by a tempered steel blade laterally at an angle, fitted to fit the contra-angle drill channel with upper locking plate and locking channel.

Body in anodized aluminum, free rotation of 360º on the micromotor.

Sterilization through autoclave up to 135 ° C and 2.2 bar
Transmission: 20: 1
Maximum rotation: 30,000 rpm
Locking system: Intractable
Drill Type: FG Standard
 Sterilization: Autoclavable up to 135ºC
Net weight less than 50g