Stool Professional II

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Perfect anatomy and high standard of workmanship ensure a correct posture in various clinical procedures. Designed following the strictest standards of quality, ergonomics and functionality to provide complete freedom of movement for professionals. Stools come in several colors of padding, which adds more style to your office and more comfort for your day-to-day.

Anatomic shell-type backrest, with height adjustment and easy adaptation to professionals’ structures. Provide greater comfort, with anterior/posterior movement. Base with five resistant casters of easy mobility.

Backrest with inclination and height adjustment, which allows multiple positions and greater comfort in the lumbar region.

Seat moved by gas, with smooth movements and regulation through the sublateral lever with height adjustment between 50 and 70 cm.

Seat elevation system moved by gas through the lever, providing easier and fast positions adjustment. Central elevation central and front edge lowering to ensure greater comfort and a nice feeling when sitting, facilitating hemodynamics, i.e., allows blood flow to occur naturally. Resistant padding with seamless coat and appropriated density.

Adjustable rim.

Adjustable footrest, allowing a better position in the operative field and facilitating hemodynamics (blood circulation).

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