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·         X-rays device attached to wall reduces the area used in consulting room in 0.50m2, creates physical barrier with less contact point, making the consulting room cleaner, not requiring the Assistant to move the full weight of the device.

·         With three arms, one horizontal and two pantographic; with horizontal reach of 1650 mm and vertical displacement of 950 mm; made of profiled aluminum with casters mechanically balanced through springs that compensate the device weight and enable its moving without operator effort, providing good approaching to the field to be radiographed; greater reach and less space usage when it is not in operation.

·         Head with grounding system for increased operator protection; Toshiba brand imported bulb provides greater safety regarding efficiency and durability based on international experience of manufacturer; two limiters in articulation offer protection to electrical cables.

·         Oil immersion ensures effective cooling and insulation, even in most intense uses.

·         Rubber expansion chamber with potential elasticity and size resistance ensures protection to the head, the operator and the patient, as the oil heated at high temperatures safely dilates, reducing the volumetric pressure and providing optimal cooling to head components, without leakage or explosion.

·         Total filtration with equivalence in 2.71mm aluminum releases the useful rays and retains the soft rays, eliminating the secondary radiation.

·         Primary collimator, placed after the aluminum filter, delimits the x-ray beam to the diameter of 59 mm at output of positioning cylinder, reducing radiations on other directions and preventing the x-ray beam from reaching the cylinder walls; with good targeting, it reduces the irradiated area after the film, providing more protection to the patient.

·         Long guide cylinder, used to enable the flawless positioning of the film in relation to the x-ray beam; dimensioned for a 200mm focus-film system; lined with 0.5mm thickness lead plate, it retains the secondary radiation that may occasionally be formed in the primary collimation.

·         Secondary collimator, located at cylinder end, eliminates the secondary radiation that may be formed after the primary collimator, increasing the professional safety.

·         0.8 x 0.8mm focal point provides greater sharpness and detail.

·         Goniometer used to achieve the desired inclination angle, scale-graded with divisions of 10 in 10 degrees, positive and negative as well.

·         70 kVp rated voltage; due to the greater ray beam penetration power, it is possible to operate with less exposure time, reducing the probability for the tissues to absorb radiation, allowing a far superior observation of details in radiographies, including the soft tissues.

·         8 mA current extends the service life of head components.

·         Command panel with main switch enables viewing when the apparatus is switched on.

·         Electronic remote control linked to the command panel through spiral wire, including all controls grouped, enables controlling at a maximum distance of 3m out of the secondary radiation area, allowing visual monitoring of the clinical examination.

·         Exposure time indicator display with graded scale from 0.1 to 2.5 seconds offers more options for selecting the exposure time; the head preheating time of 0.22 seconds is already included and is adjusted by time selection; it must be added to the value indicated on the panel in order to obtain the load application time.

·         Trigger key shall be kept activated during the entire selected exposure time, which will be followed by a lit yellow led and an audible signal indicating that the device is emitting radiation.

·         Locking mechanism against accidental and consecutive triggers, eliminating unnecessary exposures to radiation and overheating.

·         Head with test certificate regarding leak radiation, complying with provisions of Technical Regulation of Health Ministry approved by Ordinance SVS - 453, dated 01-06-1998.

·         Supply voltage 110V or 220V.

·         Autotransformer with stabilizer that maintains the ideal voltage in the head, ensuring the best image quality and longer service life to the set.