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Microprocessor-based, automatic horizontal autoclave, for sterilization with wet saturated steam. Sterilizes in an efficient, fast and safe manner all critical or semi-critical materials of medical and dentistry use. Its efficiency is based on three basic factors: wet saturated steam temperature; exposure time and lethal-effect pressure for any microorganism.

Casing in aluminum painted with epoxy paint cured at 200ºC, applied by electrostatic painting system, measuring 620mm depth, 480 mm width, 390mm height, and 41.5 Kg weight.

Sterilization chamber insulated with glass wool layer, manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304-18/8, with 19 liters, covering a space and depth sufficient to field sterilization of surgical cases and packs with actual dimension of 40cm; support with three perforated, removable aluminum trays, enables full cleaning of the inner chamber.

Dimensioned for use in corners of dentistry sinks and cabinets.

Chamber door in polished stainless steel with high pressure resistance, door sealing system with high-performance silicon gasket resistant to temperature and pressure variation; screwable door locking, by handle made of celeron and stainless steel coated with injection plastic serving as two-stage thermal insulator that exerts uniform pressure in the entire cover area.

Automatic chamber replenishment not requiring monitoring by the practitioner; distilled water reservoir with maximum capacity of 2 liters, enabling greater autonomy for not requiring constant replacement; silicon gasket at reservoir inlet avoids steam penetration into the internal system.

Screen filter in sterilization chamber and in water reservoir prevents accumulation of particles in steam piping and avoids clogging.

Valve with automatic opening against overpressure of sterilization chamber if exceeding 3.0 Kgf/cm2 and overheat sensor shuts down the heating element if the temperature exceeds the adjusted limit, and the display will indicate an error code; 1750 Watts power.

Command panel with select key that, when pushed, selects one of the predefined cycles by material and instrument group; start key starts the previously selected cycle; stop key interrupts the cycle execution, activated via low-voltage membrane keyboard, eliminates risks of electrical shock to operator; it has plain surface and indicative operational entries embossed from panel rear, which increase the command durability; self-managed, microprocessor-based controller that monitors all functions during the cycle if any abnormality is detected: half-open door, lack of water or excessive temperature. In this case, the cycle stops, a sound signal is emitted and a corresponding error code is shown on the upper liquid crystal display, making the problem easy to identify and the sterilization safer and reliable; digital  time display indicates the exposure time when a cycle is selected or is running; digital temperature display indicates the internal temperature of the chamber, digital pressure display indicates the pressure inside the chamber during the cycle, digital phase display indicates the cycle phase at the moment of sterilization.   

Five automatically programmed and executed cycles including the final drying cycle; important to maintain the material sterility.

6-minute cycle, wet saturated steam at 127º C of temperature and 1.7 Kgf/cm2 of pressure for emergency cases, it enables sterilizing the unpacked instruments for immediate use, allowing to take care of the patient with safety and flexibility. 

15-minute cycle, wet saturated steam at 131º C of temperature and 2.1 Kgf/cm2 of pressure for enveloped materials and instruments, enabling the storage for future use.

15-minute cycle, wet saturated steam at 134º C of temperature and 2.3 Kgf/cm2 of pressure for packed materials and instruments, enabling the storage for future use.

30-minute cycle, wet saturated steam at 121º C of temperature and 1.3 Kgf/cm² of pressure for sterilization of liquids, such as saline solution, culture means and water, avoiding that, at end of process, with automatically controlled depressurization, the fluids spill causing damage to the autoclave and also for surgical fields, non-metallic materials and instruments, which are poor heat conductors.

At the end of the cycle, the depressurization occurs and the steam within the chamber returns to the reservoir, facilitating the drying and water reuse.

At the end of the sterilization cycle, audible "bips" are sound and the digital display will show the message "open door", indicating that you must half-open the door by turning the handle in counterclockwise direction for allowing the drying to start with a 30-minute cycle with constant temperature of 130º C, thus ensuring a perfect drying.

Electric-electronic devices offer protection against any unexpected events. 

Device subject to a strict testing process with chemical and biological indicators during the qualification and receives the exclusive 3M certificate seal, which ensures its sterilization quality.