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·         Piezoelectric ultrasonic combined device and sodium bicarbonate jet for prophylaxis of calculus and non-mineralized biofilm.

·         Reduced dimension body, light and easy to position for working, made of high-impact polystyrene with 3 mm thickness, with injected plastic, offers structural and anti-oxidation resistance; metallic parts with smooth painting with epoxy paint allows easy disinfection, preventing the products from changing the device painting; it internally houses an ultrasonic generator unit, air filter, dual pneumatic valve, sodium bicarbonate reservoir, peristaltic pump, compressed air system, and externally houses a panel including: LED indicating if the device is powered-on; ultrasound or bicarbonate jet selector switch; ultrasound power selector switch adjustable in four stages, enabling more or less power, depending on the calculus mass and density, also offering comfort to patient during removal, and three-level adjustment switch for the volume of irrigating liquid flow from the peristaltic pump.

·         Electronic circuit with frequency stabilizer prevents common electrical network fluctuations from interfering with the ultrasonic wave pattern of the equipment.

·         Light and anatomic-shaped handpiece, easy to grip, enables precision in scraping work and improved tactile sensitivity for complete removal of calculus, as it is not the applied force, but the ultrasonic vibration applied to teeth that will produce the removal.

·         Piezoelectric ceramic transducer with four ceramic inserts mounted intermittently one on another, operating under extremely high pressure, generating ultrasonic vibrations between 24 to 28 kHz with the same amplitude and frequency.

·         Two transducer protection caps, rigid, removable and sterilizable in autoclave up to 121º C, which eliminates cross-contamination and does not subject the transducer to autoclaving, thus preserving its service life, as it is well-known that frequent sterilizations of the ceramic transducer compromise its efficiency.

·         Active instrument tip with anteroposterior linear movement longitudinal to the cable with variable amplitude, depending on the power, 0.05mm to 0.1mm; for not presenting motion on other plans, the active tip does not “scratch” or “hammer” the tooth surface; which provides an efficient scraping, preventing superficial irregularities; it promotes increased efficiency in removal of supra and subgingival calculus, on vestibular, lingual or palatal surfaces, occlusal pits/gaps and fissures, on interproximal surfaces.

·         Includes three tips for calculus removal – 02 Perio Sub and 01 Perio Supra - and two keys for installing the tips containing one reinforced rubber ring, with protection extensor, for avoiding accidents with DS/Assistant at replacement time, all sterilizable in autoclave.

·         Non-mineralized biofilm removal system selected via selector switch on panel and includes a sodium bicarbonate reservoir, which stores the quantity of bicarbonate for on prophylaxis; preventing powder from becoming humid and obstructing the inner parts of the device, highly resistant, it promotes efficiency in cleaning, and improved quality in active jet; transparent cover enables checking the quantity of powder inside the reservoir and that the whirling is being efficiently done; thread locking system in acrylic casing.

·         Bicarbonate jet handpiece removable and sterilizable in autoclave up to 121º C.

·         Air filter with outlet to drain at the bottom of the device case for draining the air moisture eliminates potential solid particles retained in the filter.

·         Dual pneumatic valve that actuates with air and water; opens and closes the water of handpieces avoiding splashes during operation downtimes.

·         Single control pedal for activating ultrasound and sodium bicarbonate jet; round shape with activation from any angles.

·         Flat, light and flexible hoses, easy to disinfect and no tension on operator hands.

·         Input supply voltage with three options of activation in voltage selector switch located at the lower section of the device enables plugging in 110 / 127 / 220V.


Height: 215 mm

Width: 310 mm

Length: 250 mm

Voltage: 99 to 242 (V)

Power: 36 (W)

Frequency: 24 to 30 (KHz)