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·         Piezoelectric ultrasonic combined device for prophylaxis of calculus and sodium bicarbonate jet for removing non-mineralized biofilm.

·         Frame made of ABS with vertical design offers structural resistance and balance.

·         Electronic circuit located at rear of front panel, isolated from other components of the device, preserving its service life; with frequency stabilizer, it prevents common electrical network fluctuations from interfering with the ultrasonic wave pattern of the equipment.

·         Panel with ergonomically designed system controls facilitates viewing and controlling the device commands; display indicating which function is on – perio ultrasound, endo ultrasound, dental ultrasound, peristaltic pump or bicarbonate jet - and which power is activated; membrane-type selector keyboard for functions, irrigating liquid flow setting and power increase or decrease, memory keys to each function and + and – keys for configuring and selecting the function.

·         Peristaltic Pump with electrical micromotor provided with central axis that rotates three rollers that presses the hose against the head to drive the liquid out. Micromotor rotation speed enables regulation of irrigating liquid flow.

·         Attached and removable liquid reservoir tank makes the equipment independent from water supply sources, facilitating moving the equipment to another work place; made of transparent polycarbonate, with led indicating the liquid level, allows using distilled water, saline or antiseptic solutions that leverage the ultrasonic effect and the anti-bacterial action by cavitating action. Tank format and removal facilitates its cleaning.

·         Lightweight and anatomic-shaped ultra-sound handpiece, easy to grip, enables precision in scraping work and improved tactile sensitivity for complete removal of calculus, as it is not the applied force, but the ultrasonic vibration applied to teeth that will produce the removal.

·         Piezoelectric ceramic transducer with four ceramic inserts mounted intermittently one on another, operating under extremely high pressure, generating ultrasonic vibrations between 24 and 30 kHz with the same equivalent amplitude and frequency.

·         Two transducer protection caps, rigid, removable and sterilizable in autoclave up to 135º C eliminate cross-contamination and do not subject the transducer to autoclaving, thus preserving its service life, as it is well-known that frequent sterilizations of the ceramic transducer compromise its efficiency.

·         Active instrument tip with anteroposterior linear longitudinal to the cable movement with variable amplitude, depending on the power, 0.05mm to 0.1mm; for not presenting motion on other plans, the active tip does not “scratch” or “hammer” the tooth surface; which provides an efficient scraping, preventing superficial irregularities.  

·         Includes three tips for calculus removal – 02 Perio Sub and 01 Perio Supra - and two keys for installing the tips containing one reinforced rubber ring, with protection extensor, for avoiding accidents with DS/Assistant at replacement time, all sterilizable in autoclave.

·         Non-mineralized biofilm removal system selected via membrane keyboard on panel; sodium bicarbonate reservoir, which stores 20g of sodium bicarbonate, providing a complete prophylaxis; made of ABS, rigid and abrasion-resistant; transparent cover made of polycarbonate allows checking the powder quantity inside the reservoir and that the whirling is being efficiently done; thread locking system in anodized aluminum casing.

·         Internal powder blast line in stainless steel withstands the frictions from powder action caused by the numerous ram hammerings that result in hose break, damaging the electronic part of the system.

·         Bicarbonate jet handpiece removable and sterilizable in autoclave. In accordance with the national and international infection control standards, all materials that penetrate the mouth must be sterilized. A cycle of 30 minutes at 121 degrees is recommended, as the piece contains plastic parts, which although resistant, could change at 134 degrees C.

·         Air filter with outlet to drain at the bottom of the device case for draining the air moisture eliminates potential solid particles retained in the filter.

·         Single control pedal for ultrasound and sodium bicarbonate jet; round shape with activation from any angles.

·         Flat, light and flexible hoses, easy to disinfect and no tension on operator hands.

·         Multi-voltage device with automatic switching between 99 and 242 VCA – 50/60 Hz. The device is automatically adjusted when connected to the plug.

Height: 215 mm

Width: 310 mm

Length: 250 mm

Voltage: 99 to 242 (V)

Power: 36 (W)

Frequency: 24 to 30 (KHz)