Stool Standard Fit

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·         Dental stool with spring-activated seat lifting system, and seat lowering pressed down by the user weight. Both movements are activated by a right-hand sublateral lever and dampened through a pressurized gas system, enabling smooth motions and positioning at the desired height.

·         Pedestal telescopic cover in polypropylene ensures improved finishing.

·         Five dual casters provide better stability and movement, mounted on ends of supporting base lined in high-impact polystyrene, offering improved finish and structural resistance to the set.

·         Swinging backrest, with adjustable motions of moving away and approaching, and longitudinal for renal support.

·         Seat with small thickness and very consistent upholstery, anatomic shape with front edge rounded and curved down avoids compression of arteries, veins, muscle nerves and tendons; entirely seamless and easy to clean and disinfect.

·         Maximum seat height of 540mm, minimum of 440mm.

·         Light color upholstery providing greater integration with other components of doctor's office.  

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