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·         High-speed pen with Borden coupling and two holes as per Standard ISO 9168; natural anodized aluminum body with round gripping grooves.

·         Balanced turbine enables speed of 400.000 rpm ± 15% with high axial and radial torque and efficient drill concentricity; mounted on synthetic rubber rings; silent due to the absence of turbine vibration with the body; speed control through foot pedal control.

·         Ceramic ball bearings, the latest technology available in high performance bearings, with high durability and increased efficiency in lubrications.

·         Head smaller than conventional systems provides easy access to the most difficult teeth faces.

·         Weight of 38g reduces the operator effort; triple spray facilitates directing the liquid for cooling down the drill.

·         Push-button (PB) system; single pression with thumb tip on head lid opens the chuck, which is spring-activated for operating removal or insertion of drills, with mechanical pressure on the internal head set, eliminating inconveniences of drill extractor and the possibility of cross-contamination.

·         Drill length adjustment defined by DS; when fitting it with fingers to chuck, it avoids break and damage of bits, mainly those made of diamond, long and thin bits.

·         Due to no use of drill extractor, which is difficult to disinfect, it provides longer service life to the turbine/bearing set, because of on the less effort applied.

·         42.0 l/min ± 2 air consumption and 30 psi ± 2 pressure rating.

·         Includes coupling seal rubber, needle for unblocking the spray, and lubricating oil.

·         Sterilization through autoclave up to 135º C and 2.2 bar does not damage the piece due to the quality of the materials employed in manufacturing.