DA 40L Compressor W/O COB

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·         Air compressor for dentistry use that dismisses lubricating oil to operate; it uses self-lubricated material in the piston ring and guide bush.

·         Produces oil particle-free air and provides improved quality to dental procedures, mainly as for adherence of restoration materials and disinfection of dental cavities; maximum hygiene to patients and practitioners; greater durability of equipment internal components, hand pieces and devices operated with compressed air.

·         Head, cylinder and shell finned in cast aluminum with vidia ring provide improved dissipation of heat generated by the friction between cylinder and piston, ensuring lower wearing of internal parts, ultimately reducing the maintenance.

·         Piston shaft supported on self-lubricating needle bearing supports high temperatures without losing durability.

·         Motor power of 1.12 HP/CV / 830W (110V), 1.14 HP/CV / 110W (220V), with two cylinders and 7.5 PCM intake air volume; 120 Lbf/in² maximum pressure and 65 dB acoustic level.

·         Horizontal reservoir with 38-liter capacity, outer and inner coating made by electrostatic powder painting process provides an antioxidant treatment avoiding proliferation of bacteria colonies and oxidation caused by the condensate moisture inside the reservoir, which forms the iron oxide that is compressed airborne, reducing the durability of pneumatic components.

·         Reservoir drain easily eliminates condensed liquids, relieving the filter function, built as per ASME Standard.

·         Fan connected to motor shaft provides auto-cooling, increasing the durability of the set.

·         Safety valve activated when the pressure reaches 120 psi and the pressure switch does not deactivate, providing higher safety level for the DS/Assistant, in addition to prevent motor obstruction and burning out.

·         Compressed air valve closes off the air supplied to equipment, facilitates the consulting room maintenance.

·         Check valve avoids return of air generated by the head when it passes through this valve before going to the reservoir.

·         Pressure switch with automatic on-off relief valve that maintains the required pressure in the reservoir. This represents lower power consumption and eliminates the need for special wiring in electrical installations.

·         Overall dimensions: 400 mm length, 400 mm depth, 695 mm height and 45,8 Kg weight

·         110 or 220 VAC supply voltage.

- Oil free

- 2 piston engine with 1.12 HP / 830W (127V) and 1.14 HP / 1100W (220V)

- Thermal protector against overheating

- Air outlet filter

- Suitable for 1 practice

- Inner painting of the antioxidant reservoir

- Capacity of 40 liters tank

- Air flow: 212 liters / min.

- Voltage: 127V ~ ± 10% - Rated Current: 7.3A - Circuit Breaker: 10A

- Voltage: 220V ~ ± 10% - Rated current: 5 A - Circuit breaker: 10 A