Cyclone Vaccum Pump

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·         High-power suction system offering to practitioner, for prophylactic treatment as well as oral-jaw surgery, improved performance and visibility, and to patient, comfortable positioning and convenience, as it makes movements to and from spit basin unnecessary.

·         Essential for controlling infections in consulting room and patient's oral cavity asepsis, as it aspires and drains the oral residues from the oral medium out of the consulting room; contaminated liquids, aerosols and solid waste particles directly to the sewer; gaseous wastes directly to the venting column; larger parts of solids remain trapped in the waste separator, from where they should be removed on a daily basis.

·         1 HP motor with 3.520 RPM consumed power that rotates a turbine in high speed through a cycloning process with air displacement/flow equivalent to 200 ml/min. Motor equipped with thermal protector, stops in case of overheating and avoids burning the motor; stainless steel shaft, flange, rotor and cover made of bronze, highly corrosion-resistant materials, considerably increases the service life of components.

·         Suction power adjustment with ball valve that regulates the suction according to the needs.

·         500mm/Hg suction power enables installation in up to 4 consulting room with simultaneous use;

·         High quality mechanical seal prevents water leak, high-resistance to intensive use; 0.4 l/min water consumption.

·         Acoustic cover manufactured in bended steel sheet painted with smooth, high-brightness polyurethane paint provides noise reduction and protects the assembly components, measuring 375 mm length, 245 mm width and 378 mm height.

220 VAC supply voltage and 50/60 Hz cycling

Supply voltage: 220Vac ± 10% 60Hz

240Vac ± 10% 50Hz

Motor power:

1HP - serves up to 4 offices

½ HP - Up to 2 offices

Water consumption: 0.25 / min

Water pressure: 14PSI ± 2

Vacuum levels: 500mm / Hg

Displacement / Airflow:

200l / min

Weight: 35kg

Height: 378mm

Length: 375mm

Width: 245mm

Power consumption: 1650VA ± 10%