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·         Horizontal autoclave for sterilization with saturated wet steam. Sterilizes in an efficient, fast and safe manner all critical or semi-critical materials of medical and dentistry use. Its efficiency is based on three basic factors: wet saturated steam temperature; exposure time and lethal-effect pressure for any microorganism.

·         Aluminum casing with epoxy painting, ensuring a high-level finish, without risk of oxidation, measuring 491mm depth, 426mm width, 323mm height and 22Kg weight.

·         Sterilization chamber insulated with glass wool, manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304–18/8, with 12 liters, covering a space sufficient to sterilize surgical cases and packs; support with two removable, perforated aluminum trays enables full cleaning of the internal chamber; heating element externally connected to the chamber, avoiding undesirable contaminations and inlay deposits occurring in immersion heating elements.

·         Dimensioned for use above dental sinks and cabinets, not requiring auxiliary furniture or adaptations outside the dentistry standards.

·         Chamber door in matte aluminum with high pressure resistance; door sealing system with high performance silicon gasket resistant against temperature and pressure variation; door with external guard in high-impact structured polystyrene plate, prevents user from touching hot parts of door the door with its hands and avoids steam produced from reaching the user when opening the door; door lock with lever located at autoclave left side.

·         Manual replenishment of chamber with distilled water until the mark indicated in reservoir, by using a measuring cup for dosing the water volume.

·         Valve with automatic opening against overpressure of sterilization chamber if exceeding 3.0 Kgf/cm2 and overheat sensor shuts down the heating element if the temperature exceeds the adjusted limit; 654 W power.

·         Command panel with led door indicates if the door is opened or closed, led heat indicates if the heating element is on or off; start switch to begin the cycle; on/off switch; thermal manometer indicates the pressure/temperature inside the sterilization chamber.

·         Predefined default autoclaving after the operating pressure and temperature are reached with 8-minute cycle, wet saturated steam at 134ºC of temperature and pressure of 2.3Kgf/cm2 for unpacked, enveloped and packed materials and instruments.

·         Electric-electronic devices offer protection against unexpected events.

·         Automatic exhaustion occurs at end of cycle, the pressure gauge will reset and the autoclave will issue a sound signal, all the internal steam is drained to the exhaust disposal vat or to a special waste piping; with door half open and heating element off, the drying starts with a cycle of up to 20 minutes.  

·         Includes a disposal vat with hose and clamp and water dosing cup for refill.

·         Device subject to a strict testing process with chemical and biological indicators during the qualification and receives the exclusive 3M certificate seal, which ensures its sterilization quality.