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· High-speed pen with Midwest type four-hole coupling, as per Standard ISO 9168, with connection for lamp and air return from turbine to inside of equipment box, Stainless Steel body with round gripping grooves.

· Balanced turbine with a speed of 380.000 rpm with high axial and radial torque and efficient drill concentricity; mounted on synthetic rubber rings, it is silent due to the absence of turbine vibration with the body; speed control through foot pedal control.

· Ceramic ball bearings, the latest technology available in high performance bearings, with high durability and increased efficiency in lubrications.

· Head smaller than conventional systems, providing easy access to the most difficult tooth faces.

· Weight of 77g, triple spray, facilitates directing the liquid for drill cooling.

· Push-button (PB) system; single pression with thumb tip on head lid opens the chuck, which is spring-activated for operating the removal or insertion of drills, with mechanical pressure on the internal head set, eliminating inconveniences of drill extractor and the possibility of cross-contamination.

· Drill length adjustment defined by DS; when fitting it with fingers to chuck, it avoids break and damage of bits, mainly those made of diamond, long and thin bits.

· Due to no use of drill extractor, which is difficult to disinfect, it provides longer service life to the turbine/bearing set, because of the less effort applied.

· Polifix quick connection and swivel system enables the removal or connection of the pen with a simple "click", facilitating replacement, lubrication and sterilization with 360º turn it prevents twisting, as ensures a free movement of piece on the hands of DS. 

· Cold light emitted separated by 3.47V lamp with gold-plated electrical contacts, located in hand piece coupling and transmitted by two optical fiber beams to the head, forming two light focuses directed towards the active section of the drill and work area.

· Optimum-quality electrical lead, providing approximately 12,000 lux, it allows clear view of details, as it avoids shadows in operation field, thus offering improved quality and reducing the visual fatigue of DS. Lamp replacement is performed by the DS himself, in a simple operation, just unscrewing the bulb protection sleeve and taking it off from the terminal socket.

· Includes fitting seal rubber, needle for unblocking the spray, lubrication device, lubricating oil, replacement kit for O-rings and spare lamp.

· 40.0 l/min air consumption and 35 psi work pressure rating.