Founded on August 30th, 1946 in Ribeirão Preto, Indústria Brasileira de Aparelhos Dentários, first name of Dabi Atlante, started its history based on pioneering and research on new work concepts in Odontology.

 The company followed a trajectory of expansion until partnering, at the beginning of the 1970's, with Atlante S/A Indústrias Médico Odontológicas, from São Paulo. With increasing growth, Dabi built its current manufacturing yard, located in the outskirts of Anhanguera highway. In July 1976, Atlante was definitively incorporated to Dabi, thus forming Dabi Atlante S/A Indústrias Médico Odontológicas.

In 2016, as a result of a new merging process, Dabi Atlante becomes part of Alliage, a holding owning a number of dentistry and medical trademarks, today present in more than 150 countries.